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Making a Difference

Committed to Care
Healthier Living 
We strive to build better, safer communities with funding to support local projects, charities and organisations.
Funding grants are available for community centres that offer services in education, youth development and other community and civic initiatives to prevent crime and increase youth development.

 Our commitment to local organisations to help get feet in the City's green space such as parks and play areas. Wolverhampton's green space is very much needed for healthy living and family socialising. Grants are available for outdoor equipment for play parks or after school clubs that need new or additional equipment.

Community Matters 
Grant funding to support young children in poverty within Wolverhampton. Registered grassroots charities can apply for grants for projects which support children and communities where urgent care is needed for shelter, food, support and clothing. The Fluoro-Tech Foundation objective is to address inequality.

The Fluoro-Tech Foundation - Supporting Charities and Communities in Wolverhampton